AB-City-Background-1200x800Anric Blatt is the  founder and Chairman of the Global Fund Exchange Group. Founded in 2005, the group operates businesses focused on providing global institutions with sustainable investment solutions to create a legacy for future generations through prudent and profitable investments into the most compelling vital asset classes. His research covers demographics and mega macro trends such as energy, water, agriculture,  and other scarce natural resources.

As one of the founding partners of Terra Prima Partners, he and his team focus on private investments in sustainable technologies that will change the world for the better.

Anric Blatt is the co-portfolio manager of the Earth Wind & Fire funds and the AquaTerra fund and is noted for his compelling theme based approach to macro investing and is well known for his candid speaking style . Throughout his 20 year career, Mr Blatt has acquired expertise across all asset classes through posts in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Africa. He is an innovative thinker with vision and leadership, a proven aptitude for detecting talent and is known for his strategic focus in moving companies and organizations forward in their goals. He serves on various non-profit boards, including the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation and the Terra Primus, Earth First ! Foundation.

View his latest macro video by clicking here


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