The Cover Letter is Dead. Long Live LinkedIn!

04 Mar

Stop sweating over those overly long humble-brag letters. Employers know they’re BS. Instead, save your sweat for making a lush LinkedIn profile.

I set out to write an article about stupid techie cover letter tricks. Technology people do sometimes do dumb things in cover letters, such as list technologies that exist somewhere in their work environment even though they personally have no experience using said technologies, as if osmosis had something to do with acquiring skills.

And then too, technology people sometimes write cover letters that go on for pages. More like cover encyclopedias, really.

Sometimes they just make stuff up, like they’re super-humans who did these amazing projects and saved their companies a gazillion, all on their own, with no help from a team.

I’m not writing that article. I started researching that article, but I’m not writing it because I learned that cover letters are dead.

Good riddance.

They’re dead because employers hate them. Employers hate cover letters because they know they’re mostly BS.

People who need to hire technologists are doing a few things instead of looking at your sweated-over, mostly fictional self-love letters:

  1. They’re keeping cover letter-type fields very short in online applications forms, so you can foist no more than a paragraph or so on them.
  2. They’re using LinkedIn for a richer, more honest assessment of somebody’s involvement in the industry, his experience, his network, and what that network says about the individual in the form of references.

The upshot is this: Stop sweating cover letters. Start sweating LinkedIn. If you don’t have a lush LinkedIn profile, keep reading for some areas to build up, to make your professional persona more deeply nuanced and thereby more give-me-a-job-ish.

But first, let’s assess the concept of being able to stick a fork in the cover letter…….

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