Lauralouise’s New Years Dare

24 Dec

Lauralouise sent this to me yesterday (courtesy of John Assaraf)

I Have a Dare For You Today.

I dare you to do 2 things. Make a list of all your fears, stories, circumstances and excuses that you have used in the past ( and still use today ) of all the things you say or do to stop you from going after your life’s biggest goals and dreams. 

Secondly, look at each one and ask yourself… is this REALLY true right now. If it isn’t, cross it off the list.

If it is, ask yourself these questions.

What must I do, who must I become, and what must happen for me to stop allowing this story, reason or excuse to hold me back from becoming my best in 2014?

Whatever you answer, right down and make your plan to remove the mental or physical roadblock from your way so that 2014 becomes the year, YOU become the person you were meant to be and deeply want to be. Now.

Say It. Do it. Be it!
John Assaraf

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