1 year & $65 billion later

29 Oct
The Climate Reality Project
Day of Remembrance

Dear Anric,

Here we are.

It’s been one year and $65 billion in damage since Hurricane Sandy tore up the East Coast of the United States. Maybe the storm affected someone you know. Maybe you were even personally affected.

And today, we are asking you to speak up about solutions to the problem that made Sandy so much worse one year ago: climate change.

We know as well as you that we can’t afford another Sandy. But one year later, what needs to be done? People need to hear that there are solutions to climate change. So today, please share one thing you want our national leaders to do to stop climate change on Twitter or Facebook.

Look, one year later, those affected by the superstorm are beginning to bounce back. Communities are being rebuilt, others are being remembered, and still others are preparing for what might come next.

But one year later, when we take a step back, what else has changed?

Virtually nothing. We know man-made climate change is happening thanks to carbon pollution, and we know how to start solving it with a price on carbon and a shift to renewable energy. Meanwhile extreme weather events continue to occur with increasingly devastating results.

So today, as we remember the deadliest and most costly hurricane the Atlantic saw in 2012, we must also think about what we need to do to stop it. We need your voice to make sure our leaders hear us loud and clear: climate change is solvable.

Show the world — and our leaders — that there are solutions to climate change and that we can’t wait any longer for them to be implemented. Share your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.

Yours in solidarity,

The Climate Reality Team

P.S. Today, Organizing for Action is holding remembrance events around the nation to honor the victims of Sandy and other extreme weather events and call on Congress to act. Click here to find an event near you.

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