What is the Halliburton Loophole

02 Mar
What is the Halliburton Loophole

A significant special concern of the side effects of fracking, is the environmental and health impact of many of the unidentified chemicals used in the process. Some of these are known to contain carcinogenic and toxic ingredients. Increasing the likelihood of unwanted environmental effects is the so called “Halliburton loophole”, named after the company that patented an early version of hydraulic fracturing. Passed during the Bush Cheyne Administration, the loophole exempts the oil and gas industry from the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. What’s more, manufacturers and operators are not required to even disclose all of their ingredients, on the principle that trade secrets might be revealed. As ‘fracking’ is “regulated” on a state by state basis, it lacks clear federal regulation, guidelines and transparency standards, leaving the highly necessary and rapidly growing industry open to abuse and mismanagement, all at the risk of our health and environment (again)


by Anric


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