Recipe: "The Perfect Storm"

14 Jun

  • Take one world already being exhausted by 7 billion people.
  • Find the ingredients to feed another 2 billion people.
  • Add demand for more food, more animal feed and more fuel.
  • Use only the same amount of water the planet has had since creation.
  • And don’t forget to restore the environment that sustains us.
  • Stir very carefully, and
  • voilà “The Perfect Storm”
  • Serves:  All of us (and our kids)


One response to “Recipe: "The Perfect Storm"

  1. Anric Blatt

    June 14, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    The world’s food, water and energy resources are already experiencing significant stress or shortfalls – and yet in the next 20 years, demand for these resources is projected to increase significantly as populations, economies and consumption rates grow.

    The world appears ill equipped for the changes, investments and trade-offs that will be required to meet that demand. Meeting our future food, water and energy needs therefore presents a very real growth conundrum.

    The highly interlinked nature of these issues is particularly challenging, as it requires comprehensive solutions, coordinated among diverse stakeholders who often lack the incentives or institutional structures required for effective action. A common thread running through this nexus is water.”

    These issues will come to impact business sooner than many are planning for and the risks to those who don’t act are significant.


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