USA overtakes China in the Clean Energy Investment Race

25 Apr

The recently released Bloomberg New Energy Finance report shows that the United States has jumped ahead of China in green energy investment for the first time since 2008.

“The news that the U.S.A. jumped back into the lead in clean energy investment last year, moving China back into 2nd place is a reassuring sign that US policy is finally effecting real results ,” said Anric Blatt, chairman of the New York based vital asset investor, Global Fund Exchange Group. “The particular performance of the solar sector is even more considerable when you consider that the price of PV modules fell by close to 50 percent during 2011, and now stands 75 percent lower than three years ago”

In 2011, the United States was able to overtake China by investing $55.9 billion in clean energy, which was a 33 percent increase from the previous year.

Another highlight from the report is a 36 percent increase in worldwide solar technology investments, pushing the total amount of money invested to more than $136 billion.

For many years, our CEO, Lauralouise Duffy has been publishing her “Energy Olympics” who is winning study. She was visibly pleased by the new findings. Click here to download the Energy Olympics Slide

Click here for another great resource “Who’s winning the Clean Energy Race” produced each year by the Pew Charitable Trust


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