Carbon market Euro trialogue discussions delayed

22 Mar

In carbon emissions markets, the start of trialogue discussions on the energy-efficiency Directive between the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of ministers, initially due on 26 March, has finally been postponed to 11 April as the Council needs more time to finalize its position on proposed amendments.

The Commission has released the proposed Directive last June and the EU Parliament should vote in plenary session on 11 June whereas the Danish Presidency aims at the Council voting on 15 June. However, if significantly more delays were to be experienced, we cannot rule out the Council’s vote on that Directive not happening before the summer break. This would mean that the potential mandate or possibility for the Commission to consider a set-aside that could be enclosed in that Directive would also be postponed, thus potentially delaying serious discussions on supply-side management measures in the ETS, unless support from the EU Parliament and the Council for the Commission to consider such issues is given in another piece of legislation or communication


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