"Moving from Green vs. Gold to Green EQUALS Gold"

08 Mar

Thomas Friedman’s latest column in the New York Times reaffirms our conviction that energy, climate and resource concerns are of primary importance around the world.

Those who are late to the recognize these challenges will be in for a rude awakening…

“The planet is getting flatter and more crowded.  There will be two billion more people here by 2050, and they will all want to live and drive just like us. And when they do, there is going to be one monster traffic jam and pollution cloud, unless we learn how to get more mobility, lighting, heating and cooling from less energy and with less waste – with so many more people.”

When you have a global market, with a burgeoning population, that faces rising scarcity of resources and still so much waste in how we make and consume things, there is a great market opportunity for innovation.  Energy and resource efficiency, Friedman says, will be “the next great global industry.”

The world is “going from green vs. gold to green equals gold.”

Read Friedman’s complete column here

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