Evidence of '21st Century Food Wars' – Spiraling Commodity Prices in Qatar

11 Oct

The 21st Century Food Wars are real…. and being felt all over the world.

Spiraling commodity prices in Qatar has prompted the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) Ministry of Business and Trade to ban commodity traders from imposing any “arbitrary” price hikes, particularly in food commodities.

The CPD is reportedly also considering introducing a price freeze to block further hikes in all ready high commodity prices.  Following a recent salary hike for Qatari government employees, the CPD has been dealing with a public outcry from from Qatari citizens worried about the rising costs of key food items.

To bring stability back to the market, a special committee has been set up by the Cabinet to monitor prices and enact mechanisms to keep costs under control.

We are keeping a close watch on important news coming from this part of the world.

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