U.S. Renewable Energy Production Now Greater than Nuclear: EIA

08 Jul

The production of renewable energy in the United States has now surpassed nuclear , reports the Energy Information Administration (EIA) in its latest Monthly Energy Review.

During Q1 2011, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower and biomass/biofuels contributed 11.73% of total U.S. energy production.  Notably, this production level was 5.65% higher than the contribution of nuclear energy.

U.S. production of renewable energy across the electricity, transport and thermal sectors has risen consistently over the past few years.  Q1 2011 figures, for example, are 15% higher than Q1 2010, and 25% higher than they were in Q1 2009.

The EIA report notes significant increases in actual electricity production from clean energy technologies.  Since Q1 2010, solar-generated electricity has dramatically increased by 104%, wind-generated electricity by 40%, hydropower by 29% and geothermal by nearly 6%.

The total contribution of renewables is  still 77% that of domestic crude oil resources.  However, based on current growth trends, the EIA expects renewable energy will continue gaining ground and increasing its role in the U.S. energy dynamic.

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