U.N. Calls for "Hydro-Diplomacy" as World Faces Water Scarcity

11 Apr

As world water scarcity increases, the United Nations is concerned about possible diplomatic conflicts and tensions over shared water supplies.  UN-Water, a group dedicated to all aspects of global freshwater and sanitation, is calling for new efforts in “hydro-diplomacy.”

Based on U.N. projections, the number of nations experiencing water scarcity – defined as access to less than 1,000 cubic meters of water a year – will grow to 30 up from 19 in 1990.

Of those at-risk nations, 18 are located in the Middle East/North Africa region.  The supply and management of water resources is a growing political concern in the already volatile region and could provoke conflict in the future.

Increased “hydro-diplomacy” is needed to avoid or mitigate these water-related conflicts, says Dr. Zafar Adeel, chair of UN-Water.  Dr. Adeel is calling for expanded efforts from the U.N. Security Council to foster cooperation over shared water sources such as lakes and rivers.  Read more…

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