China to Cut Energy & Carbon Intensity by 2015 by Lauralouise Duffy

08 Mar

China recently announced new targets to increase the energy efficiency of its economy over the next few years.

A formal announcement from Chinese premier Wen Jiabao detailed plans to reduce energy and carbon intensity by 16-17% from this year to 2015.  Carbon intensity is defined as the amount of energy and carbon dioxide emitted per unit of economic growth.

China, the world’s leading emitter of carbon dioxide, previously announced long-term plans to cut carbon intensity by 40-45% by 2020 relative to 2005 levels.  The nation has also set a goal of increasing the proportion of non-fossil fuel energy sources to 15% of the total by 2020.

Last month, China announced it has achieved its goal of reducing carbon intensity by 20% from 2006-2010.  However, the Premier says “serious work” will be required to continue meeting these energy goals, according to statements released to Xinhua news agency.

It is expected the new targets will be approved by China’s parliament in its full session beginning next week.    Read more…


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