Jim Rogers: Invest in Commodities now

29 Nov

In a recent interview legendary commodities investor, founder of the RICI – Rogers International Commodity Index and Quantum fund co-founder (with Soros), Jim Rogers, said:

In my view, the thing to invest in is commodities because if there is going to be war, it is always good for commodities and if there is no war, then commodities will rally like everything else.

According to Rogers, who is the author of famous books like Hot Commodities and A Bull in China, global markets are in a mood for corrections these days.

First of all, global markets should be correcting about this time because they have been pretty strong recently and there is always some reason to correct. This time, it looks like it might be Korea. Whenever you have threat of war, usually everything goes down at first, then you have to figure out what to invest in after the initial collapse,

Jim Rogers said.

He holds commodities as the best bet to invest in even if North Korea and South Korea go for war or not.

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