Election Results May Re-shape U.S. Energy Agenda

03 Nov

Overwhelming Republican victories in the United States’ mid-term elections could have important implications for domestic U.S. energy policy and may impede President Obama’s energy agenda.

Republican lawmakers have largely opposed carbon pricing proposals and have by and large been resistant to enacting tough national energy legislation.  Obama’s plans for national-scale energy legislation may need to be radically scaled down if they are to succeed at all, warn many political analysts.  Likewise, the United States’ presence at the upcoming U.N. climate talks in Cancun this December may take on a different tone compared with the Copenhagen conference in 2009.

On the regional scale, however, renewable energy won big with a notable victory in California.  Voters overwhelming voted against Prop 23, a measure which would have enacted a “freeze” on California’s ambitious greenhouse gas mitigation plans until the state’s unemployment rate improved.

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