Severe Drought Risks for Global Population Centers

20 Oct

A new study from the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research warns that some of the world’s most heavily populated regions may face “severe, even unprecedented” drought by 2100.

Specific regions at risk include Southern Europe, Northern Africa, Western United States and Latin America.  Serious impacts could begin to be felt as early as the 2030s, and “impacts by century’s end could go beyond anything in the historical record,” according to the report.

Although the study projects an overall “drier world,” some parts of the globe may in fact reduce their drought risk.  This includes parts of Northern Europe, Russia, Canada and Alaska.

However, researchers say it is unlikely that regions will become new agricultural centers due to their limited sunlight and shorter growing season.  The future droughts expected in many current agricultural regions is very much a cause for concern.    Read more…

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