Water Shortage is Humanity's Gravest Threat: UK Scientist

12 Oct

Britain’s chief scientist John Beddington believes scarcity of freshwater will be the world’s gravest challenge over the next ten years.   The availability of fresh water “is probably going to be the first problem that has got to be addressed,” he said while speaking at the Reuters Global Climate and Alternative Energy Summit.

According to the U.N., by 2020 between 90-220 million people in Africa will face extra water stress due to climate change.  This problem has been compounded by increased groundwater depletion for agricultural, especially in arid regions.

“Population growth, an increase in wealth, urbanization and… climate change, all of those are going to present really big problems to humanity,” warned Beddington, who told the Summit that more attention to these issues is needed from the international community.  Read more…

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