Google, Good Energies Invest in $5B Off-shore Wind Transmission Gridline

12 Oct

Google and NY-based investment firm Good Energies have joined forces to invest in a $5 billion, 350-mile underwater transmission “spine” which would connect off-shore wind farms along the Atlantic seaboard.

The system, known as the Atlantic Wind Connection, could help streamline electricity transmission from future of off-shore wind farms into the electric grid by creating four “hubs” along the coast.  Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission calls it one of the “most interesting transmissions projects that I’ve ever seen walk through the door.”

With a capacity of 6,000MW – equal to the output of five large nuclear power plants – the system carries a hefty price tag of $5 billion.  Final construction would likely not be completed until 2021.  However, these obstacles have not deterred Google and Good Energies, the current major stakeholders in the project.

Richard L. Needham, the leader of Google’s green business operations group, says this “audacious and innovative” plan is a way to “kick-start this industry, and, long term, provide a way for the mid-Atlantic states to meet their renewable energy goals.”  Read more…


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