Chairman's letter by Anric Blatt

28 Sep

The Global Fund Exchange Group is a global pace setter in the alternative investment industry and its principals have more than 40 years of experience. Our greatest assets are the collective skills, experience and integrity of our team of professionals. We are extremely passionate about what we do and consistently strive for excellence. It shows in everything we do. We work hard and have fun doing it.

When we founded the Global Fund Exchange Group in 2005 we were convinced that we can add value to almost any professional investor through combining our common sense and pragmatic investment style with deep big picture macro research and cost effective transparent execution. The global economic and macro environments have changed beyond recognition in the last few years, but the basic fundamentals of our philosophy have not changed. We believe in people, we believe in leaving the planet in a better shape for future generations and we believe in adding value every step of the way.

Our global experience across continents, asset classes and markets has given us perspective. We have strong beliefs and opinions about opportunities, threats and people. We understand value based on experience and research and let this guide our decisions, but we are always prepared to be proven wrong. We’re smart enough to realize that we don’t know everything and that you cannot outsmart the markets, but we are diligent in the application of our risk controls and humble enough to learn not only from our mistakes, but more importantly from the mistakes of others.

We do not delegate our responsibility nor do we try to cut corners. This business is a culmination of a lifetime of experience and hard work, we plan to be around and continue to grow and prosper alongside our partners, staff and investors.

Anric Blatt

Letter from Chairman

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