6 Green Technologies to "Dominate" Next 5 Years: New Report

09 Sep

Market research company SBI has published a report highlighted 6 green technologies predicted to “dominate” the field over the next five years.

Below are some excerpts from the report:

  1. Electric Vehicles: Worldwide hybrid electric vehicle sales predicted to double by 2014.  Exponential growth predicted in Europe, Australia and South Korea.  New market opportunities in India & China.
  2. Enhanced Oil Recovery: Practice can improve oil producing methods by 70 – 90%.  Oil viscosity is improved through steam, gas or injection of chemicals.
  3. Green Building: Use of recycled materials, sustainable sources, efficient building insulation and improved construction techniques contribute to sector growth.  Predicted to grow to $580bn by 2015, a 21% combined annual growth rate.
  4. Offshore Wind: Installations expected at higher rate than land-based turbines.  U.K. in particular may more than double offshore market value to $5bn by 2015.
  5. Smart Grid: Growth in grid infrastructure, information and communications technology and software and applications slated to grow as more renewables come online.  Predicted growth to $171bn by 2014.
  6. Solar: Concentrated solar power (CSP) market to jumpstart by 2012.  This fastest-growing segment of solar may grow to $3bn by 2014 from $700,000 in 2010, representing a 42% annual growth rate over the time period.

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