Survey shows U.S. Consumers Ready for Major Change in Energy Habits

28 Jun

It appears that between the Gulf Oil spill, climate change uncertainty, rising energy costs and the availability of future supplies has finally shaken American consumers out of their comfort zone.

Long accustomed to cheap and easy access to energy, American consumers have been notoriously resistant to changing their ways to use less energy.  However, according to a recent study by GE, 79% of U.S. consumers would be willing to make short term changes in order to achieve long-term energy benefits.

A full 88% of those polled would start to use devices like smart meters to help them use energy more efficiently, and of this group, 82% say that smart meters and related devices will be “vital technologies” for the future.

Perhaps the most striking result is the 72% of respondents who agree that America’s energy use and consumption habits, if left unaltered, could stifle future economic growth.  This result, GE says, proves that “consumers are ready to think differently about how they use energy.”

“There are some things that are essential to achieving a desired quality of life,” says Bob Gilligan, VP of Digital Energy for GE Energy Services, “and Americans overwhelmingly agree that investing in our nation’s energy future is one of them.”

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